Today, we’d like to introduce some towel crafts to you.


Cutting towel Technology

In fact, velvet cutting towel is to cut the surface loop of ordinary towel, and then make the fabric surface covered with flat fluff. The velvet cutting towel can be used to cut both sides of the towel, or only one side can be cut, while the other side is still Terry. The cut towel is soft and comfortable to use. For example, some technology is better to be cut velvet processing, such as cut velvet printing, can increase the decorative beauty of towel, so as to improve the product grade


Twistless yarn technology

This process is a spinning method in which adhesive is used to replace twisting method to make whiskers hold synthetic yarn. In the process of yarn forming, false twist can be applied to the sliver and the yarn will be broken back into untwisted yarn. The gift towel made of twistless yarn feels good and soft, and the water absorption of the towel is also very good.


High Terry process

High Terry products, that is, in the process of processing, the single Terry of the product is lengthened to one or more times the length of the ordinary Terry to increase the thickness of the finished product. Because the lengthened Terry is creeping on the surface, its use flexibility is also appropriately increased. Good water absorption is the characteristics of high Terry products.


satin towel Technology

This is a kind of towel fabric with strong decoration. At both ends of the towel, close to the terry part of the plain weave, weave a section of Satin Jacquard stripes, so as to enhance the beauty of towel fabric. The flowering part can be formed by long lines of warp or weft.


jacquard fabric technology

Jacquard fabric, also known as jacquard fabric or large pattern fabric, is a variety of large pattern fabrics woven on jacquard machine by using yarns of different weave, color or raw materials. This kind of fabric can be very complex in pattern and structure. The fiber material, yarn count, fabric weave, warp and weft density vary widely. The design and operation of this kind of product are complicated. There are many kinds of fabrics, especially silk fabrics. It can be used as decoration, bedding and clothing fabrics.


These are some of the more common towel technology, daily life also has contact.


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