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Singzida Tech is a family-owned company. After 18 years of development, we supply high-quality towel products in eastern and southwestern China. When the company reached its tenth year of development, we developed an export business, currently mainly oriented to Europe, America, Australia, and Southeast Asian markets.



About 20 years ago, Mr. Liu, the owner of Singzida, and his wife ran the textile trade along the coast. Based on the principle of integrity first, the couple opened our initial small factory together. 18 years have passed, and they are now working with their son runs Singzida together, in an attempt to bring high-quality Chinese-made products into the lives of more people.



We aim to become one of China’s leading suppliers and exporters of towel products. From bathroom towels, sports towels, kitchen towels, tea towels, etc., you can find the products you need in our rich product library!



We focus on manufacturing our 100% cotton towel series, especially for the following 100% cotton products: plain towel, yarn-dyed towel, jacquard towel, printing towel, and velvet cutting towel are the most important reasons why we can win customers’ favor!



Product standardization ensures the consistency of quality and value, which is a key element in providing excellent product series to the industry. Our goal is to meet and exceed these standards and always consider customer needs and budgets.



We have established a strong long-term relationship with local and Pakistani cotton supply factories, combined with our own network of local professional manufacturers so that we can deliver on time with quality and quantity every time.



We not only supply distributors and wholesalers, but also sell our beautiful towel products directly to the public, and we sell products that suit everyone according to each budget.



The factory-direct shop operated by Mr. Liu junior in the southwestern region of China is already open, so please feel free to drop by when in the area.

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