Microfiber towel is actually a towel product produced by using microfiber. The microfiber is very fine, so it will have good water absorption and cleanness when used, so it is also favored by many consumers.

What are the advantages of microfiber towels?

Superfine fiber is a kind of high quality, high technology of textile materials, ultra-fine fibers because of the relatively small diameter, so the superfine fiber bending stiffness is relatively small, and microfiber feels is especially soft handle, a strong cleaning and superfine fibers function and the effect of waterproof breathable, so microfiber towel is also deep love so many of the consumers. Superfine fiber in the micro fiber between a lot of micro pores, the formation of capillary structure, if processed into a towel like fabric, it has a high water absorption, washed hair with this towel can quickly absorb water, make the hair quickly dry. So, for example, the dry hair caps, car wipes, or some bath towels that you often use are made from microfibers. So, in fact, microfiber towels are still widely used.

At that time and now many people in the use of microfiber towels when still relatively unregulated.

When using a microfiber towel, remember not to wring the towel too hard. This can damage the microfiber inside the towel. Microfiber if the bad, the effect of the microfiber towels will be discounted, so suggest microfiber towel if dirty after use, suggested detergent washing to dry with a towel is good oh, of course, can also use the washing machine and laundry detergent to clean them, but just do not use bleach, do not use stimulating cleaning wipes for cleaning, because it is a towel to reduce the using life. But ah, although the towel is also fragile, but the towel that washed had better also be to bask in under the sun, go fungus, also be to use health to having very good help to the future so.


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