For procurement, the common sense of towels you must know

The following is my summary. When purchasing towels, you need to have a basic understanding of towels.


Cut Pile

The towel is produced with terry on both sides; In order to make the hand feel better and achieve a good printing effect, there is a cut pile process. Cut Pile is to cut half of the terry to make a plush effect. In this way, the towel has the ideal printing conditions and a delicate feel.


Now the products in the international market generally require cut pile; because the color of cut pile products is clear and comfortable after printing, and its disadvantage is that the cut pile products will have a slight drop of the pile. For the products without cutting down, the pattern is not meticulous and the effect is not ideal, but the pattern is very durable, so there is no need to worry about it falling off; but the feel is relatively poor.



Water absorption

why don’t some towels absorb water after they enter the water? Some towels are full of water as soon as they touch the water? Because in the process of towel treatment, a kind of auxiliary agent is used: softener, which is a kind of liquid. The towel will become very soft after passing through it. It has two kinds: one is water absorption; one is not absorbent. The color of products produced by non-absorbent additives is bright as if the surface is coated with a layer of oil; therefore, the water absorption of a very thin and bright towel is not so good.



Weaving technology

how many kinds of terry towels? One side is made up of one Terry, and the other side is made up of two Terry; some have one terry on both sides; some are made up of two terry on both sides. This is double-sided double yarn, generally, we see products are two sides of a terry towel; Because it is a common mass product, it is called a single yarn process; One side is composed of one Terry and the other side is a towel with two Terry. This is called the single and double yarn process; It belongs to the high-end product series, so it is more durable;


The printed designs are gorgeous and dazzling; As for the process of double-sided double yarn, it is a towel composed of two loops on both sides; This towel is very thick. It belongs to the product with better quality. It is also divided into double yarn and double-strand yarn. Sometimes it will be made into three yarns to increase the gram weight, but it is generally less. In the absence of jacquard and cut-off technology, it is the so-called flat-woven towel.



Satin towel

what is a satin towel? That is, you can see that in addition to the terry, there is a large or small cloth block in the middle of the towel. These towels are Satin towels; Their technology can be varied; You can weave a lot of patterns.




on the towel, you can see some Terry and some cloth stops, which are lower than the Terry; After the engineer’s formulation process, these concave-convex presents various patterns and patterns. The process of this kind of towel is more complex, and the price is higher than that of ordinary towels; Because of the limitation of technology, only two colors can be matched, and the others can only be matched by dyeing; The pattern is relatively simple.




This is relatively simple, that is, in the production of the well-finished towels with computer embroidery out of a variety of patterns, improve the ornamental towel and have a certainly added value.



Reactive printing

it refers to a new type of environmental protection dye used in printing patterns and color; Is a non-toxic dye, has gradually replaced ordinary paint printing. Paint printing is easy to distinguish. The pattern color of the reactive printing is glossy, the pigment printing is not glossy, and the dyes used are not environmentally friendly;


Terry or suede stained together, there is no fluffy feeling, is slowly eliminated products. And the coating is still used now because it can let the terry or pile together; So it is used with printing font, line and reduce printing cost.



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