Towel is a very common small thing in daily life. Because it is quite common, people do not pay so much attention to it. For example, do you understand the following little knowledge of towel?

Dark towels cost more than light towels, and light towels last longer than dark towels.

And that’s because the cost of dark towels, the chemicals that you put in, they take longer to dye, so they’re more damaging to the fibers because they take longer to dye. And the darker the towel, the worse the color fastness. It is best for children to use light-colored towels.

The towel will harden if used for a long time.

This is actually a towel soaked in water for a long time after a long time, because some of the substances in the water will cause the towel gradually hardened, so this time need to be cleaned to make the towel suitable for use.

why some towels into the water after not bibulous?

Some towels dry when touched.
Just because a new towel isn’t absorbent doesn’t mean it’s not good quality or pure cotton,
Because in the process of disposing of the towel,
An aid was used: a softener, which is a liquid,
The towel will be soft after a while.
There are two types of it:
One is absorbent;
One is non-absorbent.
Of course, you know the previous question.
And now if the towel softener used more words, the towel will be less absorbent, so the use of softener must be appropriate.

when buying towel products, to choose carefully, do not covet cheap.

Many low-priced, low-quality towels look beautiful and feel good, but they are actually made from waste materials and low-quality chemical dyes, some of which also contain phenylammonia, a carcinogen. So if you wash your face with this kind of towel, just like washing your face with industrial waste water, it will seriously damage your skin and endanger your health.

Difference between qualified towel and fake towel

Qualified towel texture is very fluffy, feel very soft, the production process is very fine and will have a good moisture absorption, heat insulation, heat resistance performance. Poor towels are the opposite in almost every respect.


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