Bamboo fiber towel is a new type of healthy towel which is made of bamboo fiber through careful design and multi-process processing. Unlike cotton tied towels, many people may not have used bamboo fiber towels, but cotton tied towels certainly have.
Compared with general towels, bamboo fiber towels use a longer time, bamboo fiber towels will not only decontamination will be very good, and not easy to become mildew.
What are some tips for using bamboo fiber towels?

For children

Children’s skin is delicate, and children’s skin resistance will be relatively poor, so they will be vulnerable to the invasion of some external bacteria, so to protect the children’s skin, external cleaning is still relatively important. So for children to use the towel to choose a better use, so cotton and bamboo fiber towel or better suitable for children to use. Towel after use is with a lot of bacteria, if not good cleaning bacteria will be more and more, the general detergent cannot remove bacteria from the hidden deep inside the towel, frequent use of disinfectants and easily caused harm to the skin of babies, so the children at the time of use or are not health, general towel will need to have healthy habits, and bamboo fiber towel is more suitable for use by children.

For beauty salon

Bamboo fiber towel is also suitable for use in the beauty industry. Bamboo fiber towel has good moisture absorption, moisture release and air permeability, so it can guarantee the skin to breathe freely when used.

Wipe the grease

As a result of the lampblack on kitchen table accumulates for a long time, oily dirt has been sticky, after needing spray cleaner to let dirt decompose soft, rejoin the bamboo fiber that make wet wash dish towel is wiped very clean, because decontamination ability is better, also be to be able to use to wash dish or wipe other a few dirt.

There are many more uses for bamboo fiber towels for you to experience, but no matter what uses, bamboo fiber is inseparable from the more important functions: moisture absorption and moisture removal, super health care, comfortable and beautiful. Whether infants or beauty lovers, and so on, can use bamboo fiber towels.


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